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My take on human capital

Its healthy to be sick sometimes

Henry david Thoreau

My vision of economic  well being is a brainchild of my thoughts on health and education. Past governments have focused single mindedly on directly productive activities while pushing social overhead capital to the back seat. My stint with the Aam Admi Party has convinced me that economic development is both the cause and effect of superior delivery of social overhead capital. My take on social overhead capital is strongly grounded on efficient and effective delivery of healthcare and education. The Aam Admi Party has expressed its resolve to work on reaching out health care and education to all irrespective of institutional and social prejudices. I confess that I have been privileged enough to get the opportunity to be an alumnus of a premier institution like IIT Delhi while millions await their chance to enrol into the system. I intend to work my towards meeting this enrolment challenge.

It would be criminal to not speak on private sector health care enterprises and the abhorrence that past governments have showed towards a greater state role in doling out health care services. No government can expect to stay in power by outsourcing something as basic as health care to the private sector. The banter of TINA ( there is no alternative) as suggested by Prof. Amit Bhaduri of JNU has to change and will change. Private sector health care enterprises need to be accountable to patients and be transparent in discharging their duties. I am of the opinion that proactive health care has to be shouldered by state run agencies because health care cannot be run on the principle of ‘ability to pay’.