Know Somnath Bharti- MLA, Malviya Nagar Constituency:

• Born on 10th May 1974 (39 years old)
• Resident of NIL-26, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
• Graduated from IIT Delhi, followed by a degree in law from University of Delhi.
• Enjoyed a successful career as academician and later as IT consultant, prior to getting into law.
• Travelled extensively across the globe and has come back enriched with a world-view on citizen centric governance and administration.
• Aggrieved and concerned by India’s failing governance and judicial system, Mr. Bharti quit the lucrative career of an IT Consultant to study law.

Khirki Ka Sach: Truth Vs. Manufactured by the media

Rail Bhavan Dharna to draw the point of Delhi Police inaction home

Statement submitted by Mr. Somnath Bharti, the then Law Minister, to Mr. B L Garg Committee in the Khirki Extn Sex and Drug Trafficking Matter

Whose opinion after all matters???

Whose opinion after all matters in my life??? This has been the base of all and almost every conflicts.

The Man in the Glass

When you get what you want in your struggles for pelf

And the world makes you king for a day,

Just go to a mirror and look at yourself

Protests against Mumbai attack all over the country.

My inbox is flooded with emails from angry citizens over Mumbai attack. One of such emails was from a very dear friend and the email was to thank the soldiers we sacrificed in the combat. Again it took its toll on me and I exploded. My reply was.....
I wish that we do much more than just saluting. Psychology behind this saluting is to encourage others to join the slaughter houses named defense forces, police, NSG etc. Such a pathetic use of humans to safeguard the interest of perpetrators and criminals must be avoided.

India-Europe And outsourcing: A Win-Win Game?

IIT Delhi Seminar Hall witnessed another important discussion on a topic too relevant to the present times in the view of the financial crisis of which no country could remain unaffected, few worst and rest worse. As the customary duty I was again put to the task of proposing the vote of thanks. The discussion was well attended by people from various institutes in addition to IIT alumni, its students and faculty members. Panelists were Mr. Ashish Gupta( COO, Evalueserve), Mr. Jean Joseph Boillot(Economist-India & China, Co-founder, EIEBG-Paris), Mr.

Why did American economy collapse?

A friend shared with me an interesting video which is apprently funny but says a lot about the present economy crisis the world is witnessing.....

Mumbai Attack: A black spot and proof of political delinquency

I had decided to contain my feelings triggered by Mumbai Attack so that it seeps in my being to form an explosion but then it is an era of Internet and I received from a friend a request for an online compaign. Can it be easier than sitting in a cosy drawing room having tea and then clicking on a link to sign in a compaign???

IIT Brand- Measures to sustain it

IIT Delhi Alumni Association jointly with IIT Kharagpur Alumni Association organized a Panel Discussionon on `IIT BRAND -Measures to sustain it' on 22nd November 2008 (Saturday), at 5.30 P.M., Seminar Hall, IIT Delhi where PANELISTS were Dr. Shashi Gulhati, Ex- Professor, IIT Delhi, Prof. P.V. Indiresan, Ex - Director, IIT Chennai, Mr. Manoj Mitta, Senior Editor, Times of India, Dr. Y.P. Singh, Ex - Professor IIT Kharagpur and Mr. Pradeep Gupta, Chairman, Cyber Media (India) Limited.

Thu, 2008-10-30 12:48

दिनांक: २००८-१०-३०

Raj and His Divisive politics

It has been quite sometime that I wrote for the blog last. Today I received from a dear friend an article written by the spice lady of yesteryears, Ms. Sobha De which I am reproducing as it is. This prompted me to write my understanding of the problem and a larger problem of which I draw analogy from Raj event.

Me, Marathi
written by Shobha De


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