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My letter to Hon'ble Lt. Governor on Khirki Issue

On 30.05.2014 I submitted the long pending letter to LG on the issue of Khirki bringing to his notice why and how the report of Sh. B L Garg, ADJ (Rtd) can't be seen unbiased and uncolored of political motive. The letter is reproduced herein below for your perusal and comments. 30.05.2014 Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor, Govt of NCT of Delhi Raj Bhawan, Delhi Sub: Report of the Judicial Inquiry headed by Sh. B L Garg,… Read More

Complaint served upon Election Commission on serious violations of code of conduct by Shri Narendra Modi

Served by email to Mr. K. Ajay Kumar, observer, Gujarat at today at 11.55 AM: Dear Sir, We, at AAP, were shocked to witness blatant violation of code of conduct and also of the democratic process by Shri Narender Modi, PM candidate of BJP today sometime back wherein after casting his vote at the polling booth he held a press conf within 100 meters of the booth. There not only he appealed people to… Read More

Khirki Ka Sach: Truth Vs. Manufactured by the media

Statement submitted by Mr. Somnath Bharti, the then Law Minister, to Mr. B L Garg Committee in the Khirki Extn Sex and Drug Trafficking Matter: Khirki Ka Sach Prior to eventful night of 15th and 16th January 2014, local residents of Khirki Extension, Khirki Village, Hauzrani and Malviya Nagar had approached authorities in Police and the Government of India ranging from Ministry of Home to SHO Malviya Nagar on the issue… Read More

Whose opinion after all matters???

Whose opinion after all matters in my life??? This has been the base of all and almost every conflicts. The Man in the Glass When you get what you want in your struggles for pelf And the world makes you king for a day, Just go to a mirror and look at yourself And see what that man has to say. For it isn't your father or mother or wife Whose judgment upon you must… Read More

India-Europe And outsourcing: A Win-Win Game?

IIT Delhi Seminar Hall witnessed another important discussion on a topic too relevant to the present times in the view of the financial crisis of which no country could remain unaffected, few worst and rest worse. As the customary duty I was again put to the task of proposing the vote of thanks. The discussion was well attended by people from various institutes in addition to IIT alumni, its students and faculty members. Panelists were… Read More

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