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  • Fought against the two deaths in NCERT caused by forced drinking of sewage water
  • Challenged the Right to Education Act for its draconian and inconsiderable fall-outs

  • Challenged the unconstitutionally levied surcharges by the DTC on inter-state routes in the name of Toll-taxes
  • Challenged the IT Act, esp. sec. 66A, for it being a danger to the Freedom of Expression of the people of India and against the unwarranted excessive powers it gives to the Police.

  • Fought against the Delhi Police for doing politics on the death of constable Sri Subash Tomar and implicating eight innocent youth charging them with murder and rioting during the popular 2012 India Gate protests, and succeeded in getting the murder charges off them.

  • Circa 2009, challenged India and US administration for falsely implicating Mr. Vikram Buddhi, an innocent NRI and keeping him jailed in US Federal Prison for over 3.5 years without following due process of law and got him released. He also exposed Congress Government’s incompetence and unwillingness to secure interests of NRIs living abroad.
  • The IIT-JEE Movement: Fought a battle against Mr. Kapil Sibal, the then Minister of HRD for attempts to lower the standards of IITs and indirectly extending benefits to foreign universities. His efforts forced the Govt to partially withdraw the unwarranted interference.

  • Did many events and social outreach programs to exploit the immense intellectual capital available with IIT Alumni for social causes in his 15 years long association with IIT Delhi Alumni Association and IIT Delhi.
  • Represented Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal and Swami Agnivesh in Common Wealth Games case against the Government of India.
  • Argued many bail matters involving innocents, helpless and the poor and got them out of jail for free.

  • Represented AAM AADMI PARTY, its leaders and volunteers in their legal matters all along.
  • Worked tirelessly to bring support from IIT community to Anna’s Jan Lokpal Movement