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My take on national security

I work for a government I despise for ends I think criminal.

John Maynard Keynes

National security encompasses the twin dimensions of internal and external security. At the domestic level, it is about strengthening the society from within through public education and effective legislation to create an ecosystem where the common man feels safe. I realize that there are vast sections of the Indian populace who have been left out of the mainstream political fray and hence have diverted to extremism. I stand by our party’s decision to not provide impunity to armed forces on issues of sexual violence. I also believe that internal threats of naxalism represent a two-fold challenge posed by developmental terrorism and rampant military action without sincerely engaging in dialogue. Aam Admi Party has taken the stand of deploying resources for economic development while using paramilitary forces as the last resort.

I strongly believe that our defence forces need to be consulted on matters of external defence and policy making. It is impossible to fortify our defence systems without the participation of the actual vanguards of our territorial integrity- the three wings of the armed forces. We also need to take a more humane approach when it comes to dealing with AFSPA and related acts to prevent any abuse of power.