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With the people

It was during this restless phase in 2010 that I happened to meet Arvind Kejriwal at the Pan IIT meet. It was here, that after an inspiring talk, when he made the audience sing along with him the famous lines of Poet Dushyant Kumar – “हो गई है पीर पर्वत-सी पिघलनी चाहिए, इस हिमालय से कोई गंगा निकलनी चाहिए।“, an instant chord was struck between us and soon I found myself fighting the Commonwealth Games Corruption case. Corruption has marred all aspirations of India and when for the affected citizens, Civil rights’ activist, Shri Anna Hazare along with Arvind Kejriwal sat on an indefinite fast at the famous Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi joined by crores of countrymen in their demand for a strong anti-corruption law, the Jan Lokpal Bill, not just the government but the entire political fraternity failed the people of India by refusing to pass such a strict law in the parliament possibly because passing of this law would have at least ensured that many of the sitting Members of Parliament/Delhi Legislative Assembly would land in Jail. Absence of political will across all the political parties has resulted in an ineffective governance system be it CBI or Police or Judiciary, none are allowed to work in a pro-people manner. Decentralization of power, strict adherence to 73rd amendment of the constitution, enactment of a strong anti-corruption law, right to recall, right to reject and a plethora of administrative reforms were on my list which NONE of the political parties seem even interested in, of course for obvious reasons.