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I have been vocal on the issue of AAP being denied free and fair opportunities. The corrupt two are fighting elections on money and muscle while AAP is being prohibited from having a shot at fair campaigns. Call this the reward for honesty or our die hard will not to be purchased. We are what we are. We are here to serve the people and are not intimidated by this reign of oppression.
The ruling alliance continues its spree of scams and corrupt practices. Veerappa Moily is the new kid on the block to burn his hands in earning reputation for being corrupt. Someone needs to tell them that a good night’s sleep is more precious than unethically earned money. But how will they understand. You cannot sleep well if you do not have a clear conscience.
Where the mind is without fear, there is no need to be taken aback by an individual or party. We have two demons on either side. To be precise , we were already caught between the devil and thee deep sea. Its just that we have a third one- resource crunch. But guess what as Tagore had said: “Ekla Chalo.” We are willing to walk alone in the face of resource crunch and of course the demons as well.
We have flagged off our revolution in Banaras in style. Come what may, we are confident of winning hearts. Our leader has initiated a new brand of participatory politics involving the leader and the people. Make no mistake, we will do everything to guard the sacrosanct city from the evils of Raga and Namo.