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My take on economy

Wealth is not what we are seeking.


My work as an information technology consultant took me to different corners of the world. I agree that information technology is a great lever of economic democracy and can create a flat world. But systems need to be backed by a strong political will to change the current mess that we find ourselves in. As an Aam Admi Party worker I am convinced that free market economy that thrives solely on merit rewards the efficient and destroys individuals and institutions that do not indulge in the greatest good of the greater number of people. Crony capitalism and monopoly are the two sides of the same coin. We want to create an ecosystem for business and enterprise to thrive on performance alone, not on government support or corporate lobbying by pressure groups. Our crusade against corruption envisages the weeding out of black money. Over the years there has been a nexus of political institutions and corporate organizations resembling the “nomenkletura” of the Cold War era.

Our vision of economy is premised on the paradigm of enlightened democracy. Greater transparency in business transactions and proactive corporate governance is not only good for the nation but for the markets as well. Even investors cite clean corporate governance and ethical business behavior as a prerequisite for shareholder value maximization.

Economic growth is a bare minimum necessary condition for improvement of livelihood. By no means is it an end in itself. Economic growth has to lead to employment generation. I strongly believe that we can leverage the demographic dividend to our benefit, provided that government institutions act honestly and without any obligation towards select businesses. I am convinced that for Indians to prosper, India has to progress both as a market and  as a nation. The Aam Admi Party has categorically stated that holistic well being is a goal. We shall work towards the realization of this goal by means of business and technology innovations, not by holding the economy to ransom and bribery. My words here should not be interpreted as “anti-market” but should be seen in the light of sustainable development.